Anyone can be a Rockstar with a little Heart, Soul, Brains and Courage.

Over 65% of young people globally want to start their own business.

Coffee and ideas just go together.

In 2013, I travelled to Boston to visit my old professor, now at Harvard University. There, I discovered the Spangler Centre Café - a weekly social cafe where academics, students and business leaders came together to engage in world-changing conversations and access the tools and resources needed launch innovative new ventures through the Harvard Innovation Lab.

Back in Waterloo and throughout the rest of Canada, I kept meeting inspiring people who were dreaming up or working on game-changing ideas themselves, who could benefit from the same support community found in the café of Boston, San Francisco and Singapore. I was determined to bring that experience back to Canada, to share with you.

Together, we are Rockstars of Canada - the country’s largest online entrepreneurship community.

Our fundamental values


Believe in your values and fight for what you stand for. Innovation is at its best when it’s rooted in empathy.


Exude passion, purpose and happiness in everything you do. Empower others and your ideas will spread like wildfire.


Make decisions through a systems perspective. Synergize ideas to create one stronger than each was on its own.


See opportunities where others see obstacles and take that leap of faith.


Love what you do. It’s that simple. We’re determined to build a great company with passionate people who exhibit ingenuity, grit, and hustle.

In the news

Thank You to all our Rockstar columnists and media partners for capturing snapshots of our journey and providing us a platform to share our message.